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Strategic Audience Analysis




Strategic audience analysis is one of my favorite things to do with a client.  Whether you speak, train, sell, coach or consult for a living, we are all placed in the position of “teaching” others our principal message and content.  There was no one-size-fits-all learning style back in grade school, and there certainly is not in the adult word either.  Whether persuasive, sales-oriented, motivational, or purely educational, the same material can be interpreted different ways within a specific audience if we know the basic learning archetypes present in the room.  Here are a few psychographic archetypes to consider when leading, training or motivating others:



Intense people passionate and happy
Intense people negative and miserable
Shy people secretly ambitious
Shy people invisible wallflowers
Gifted perfectionists /discouraged perfectionist
Gifted lazy underachiever
Average hard-working/dedicated perfectionist
Average content/lazy
Remedial hard-working responsible
Remedial helpless and hopeless
Lonely seeking attention (class clown)
Lonely sad angry or hostile (discipline problem)
Angry/disturbed coachable/open to mentoring
Angry/disturbed clinical




Inspired versus unmotivated
Patient versus discouraged
Relaxed versus overwhelmed and distracted
Seeks constant approval versus seeks invisibility
Wants attention from peers versus avoids attention
Enthusiastic versus low energy
Ambitious versus content/satisfied



What other categories might you add that are relevant to your specific business and industry??

Laura Kessler is a Speech, Entertainment and Performance Coach specializing in Public Speaking, Creative Development, and Motivation. She works with corporate executives, professional entertainers and foreign nationals to transform their vocal and stage presence into their highest expression from within their true core identity. |

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