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Laura Kessler, Producer & Host


Jewish TV Channel Director of Diaspora Affairs and JTVC Radio Host Laura Kessler is the founder of BIPACT (Bipartisan Action Against Antisemitism), as well as the Creative Leadership Institute. She is an outspoken advocate for Jewish welfare, combatting antisemitism and Israel-phobia, while promoting Jewish diaspora pride. With an impressive background in the PR and entertainment industry, Talking Point – Conversations with Laura Kessler delivers an entertaining show, covering controversial topics from a unique interfaith perspective.


Laura Kessler and her guests explore a diverse array of topics engaging Jewish leadership and the AIM Syndrome: Antisemitism, Israel-phobia, and the Miseducation of our youth and culture. Her guests include prominent thought leaders, activists, academics, historians, politicians, among others that dominate headlines within the international Jewish world today.



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