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Creative leadership in education

The Empathy Workshop

Curriculum development

Arts integration lesson plans

Diversity and sensitivity training (non-political, interfaith and bipartisan)


Rock, Roll ‘n’ Rithmetic

“Rock, Roll ‘n’ Rithmetic” is a series of original lesson plans designed in 2001 to help at-risk youth integrate music royalty models from ASCAP with their high school math curriculum in order to achieve a fun and educational arts-integrated lesson plan. Co-taught by Laura Kessler and any Algebra or Math teacher, the students work on high school level math equations using real data from famous recording artists’ public woes as we delve into some complex mathematical issues using professional royalty models. Students not only learn advanced mathematical functions, but also gain some useful real life understandings about financial responsibility along with some interesting accounting and legal aspects of the professional entertainment business.


Hip Hop History:

History the way it ought to be taught! Co-taught by Laura Kessler and any K-12 History, Theater or English teacher, students will read, analyze and re-enact moments from history using their own creative expression and empathy skills.  Creative writing, poetry, song lyrics, theater improv and rap are all utilized to connect students’ modern life experiences with historical periods.


Arts Integration Educational Consulting:

We are available for short term workshops or long-term art residencies.  Please contact for details.


The Peace Factory

Apolitical and non-denominational, the Peace Factory is dedicated purely to the goal of diversity and tolerance building  among all people and cultures. College students and kids K-12 are encouraged to develop leadership and conflict resolution skills through the Peace Factory Workers Leadership Development Program.  Professionals from the business sector are encouraged to participate in activity mentoring.



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