Your Voice in Government & Justice




Platform building for activists and nonprofits

Develop conflict resolution and listening skills

Bipartisan mediation dialogue

The Empathy Workshop

Speech and debate preparation

Diversity and sensitivity training (non-political and bipartisan)





The Peace Factory

Apolitical and non-denominational, the Peace Factory is dedicated purely to the goal of diversity and tolerance building  among all people and cultures. College students and kids K-12 are encouraged to develop leadership and conflict resolution skills through the Peace Factory Workers Leadership Development Program.  Professionals from the business sector are encouraged to participate in activity mentoring.



Mourning to Morning | Anchor Arts RI-NY

A Theatrical Response to September 11th in Words, Music and Images

An Award-winning play by Maureen Barnes

Directed by Laura Kessler

Manhattan Dramatists Guild – September 11th Memorials

New York

2001  /  2006



Patriotic Songwriting Initiative:

Who will be the Francis Scott Key or George M. Cohan of our generation?  Inspired by our work with the fantastic Heartland of America Band at Offutt Air Force Base, we were encouraged to launch a Patriotic Songwriting Initiative to encourage contemporary composers and songwriters to contribute their skills to develop more modern Americana anthems.  Up-tempo songs are especially encouraged!



Military Ensemble Music Directing and Coaching:

We are available for 1-3 day short term clinics or longer contracts.  Please contact for details.



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