The Mission of the Creative Leadership Institute is dedicated to the renaissance fusion of art, business and societal welfare. We believe in the 50/50 integration of business and creativity with an edge and a whole lot of heart.  “Business Unusual” is our norm, and we seek creative innovative solutions to the complex problems of today, emphasizing both lateral and critical thinking skills.


Founded by Laura Kessler, the Creative Leadership Institute is the business-centric expansion of the earlier Altruistic Artist Alliance.  The Altruistic Artist Alliance was founded by Laura in 2011, but her work has always attracted an eclectic variety of polymathic non-artists from Silicon Valley and CEOs in the business and entrepreneurial worlds who appreciate unique, creative ways of looking at business solutions, as well as emotionally intelligent artists who choose the road less traveled in business and community service.


The philanthropic mission of the Creative Leadership Institute is to foster experience and growth in emerging as well as established creative professionals and educators through individual self expression, entrepreneurial coaching, and platform building that empowers and uplifts our community.


Our target market are the three E’s:






In addition to promoting positive business and networking skills through the fusion of art, business and community activities, the Creative Leadership Institute seeks to instill a sense of duty and civic responsibility within creative professionals to increase the number of executives, educators and entertainers who are positive role models, ensuring a legacy of creative leadership and philanthropic influence.


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