The World Needs Creative Leadership More Than Ever.

Stand up and speak out.  

Get up, dress up, show up… The world needs your voice!


The Creative Leadership Institute is dedicated to the renaissance fusion of art, business and societal welfare. We believe in the 50/50 integration of business and creativity with an edge and a whole lot of heart.  “Business Unusual” is our norm, and we seek creative innovative solutions to the complex problems of today.


After years of working in the entertainment business from Sony BMG, Star Search, MGM Studios and the Second City Comedy Club, the Creative Leadership Institute brings its unique art/business formula to leadership, community service, activism and philanthropy.


With a wide variety of programming offerings in business, healthcare, entertainment, government, education and every day human relationships, we are dedicated to bringing out the renaissance individual in you and your organization.


We offer private coaching, group trainings, keynote presentations and customized programs from the small business solopreneur to the enterprise level.


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Our clients and past employers come from over 35 countries and all walks of life, including individuals from the following companies:




Strategic leadership development and communication consulting for professionals in the spotlight…and those striving to be!




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“I’ve worked with Laura Kessler for the past several years. Her role has been to help me to be a more effective CEO for my tech company.

 As with most companies, we’ve had our good times and our challenging times. Laura has been a loyal and supportive cheerleader during the good times, but it’s during the trying times that she truly shines. No matter what predicament I find myself in, Laura always seems to be able to provide some wise, insightful guidance.

 She is a wealth of information on a wide array of business topics, but her background in voice and performance coaching really sets her apart. She doesn’t belabor the point, but it’s clear that leaders are always on the stage and in the spotlight. There are numerous times that a performing tip she has shared with me came in handy.

 Laura adapts her approach to the needs of the client. In my case, I like more topical coaching. I like to focus on the issues at hand, versus a more structured approach. Laura has accommodated me in this desire and it has worked well for us. But, I also know that she can be highly structured when appropriate.

 I wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone seeking a business coach. Her background and her approach make her an excellent partner for anyone desiring to improve their effectiveness.”


– Bob La Loggia 

Founder & CEO of AppointmentPlus



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