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After years of working with actors, musicians and CEOs from New York to Los Angeles, Laura Kessler now offers her special brand of performance magic to senior executives, entrepreneurs and international professionals worldwide.


Are your presentations lacking charisma?

Do you get nervous when you speak?

Is your accent a barrier that prevents you from building relationships naturally?

Do you shut down when speaking to superiors or when

the conversation moves into money negotiations?

Do you need help assimilating into a new work culture?


As a certified professional coach with advanced degrees in Communication and Performing Arts, Laura Kessler is uniquely qualified to help you get to the root of where you are losing your full expressive power and holding back from reaching your peak potential.


  • Build genuine rapport and connect with your target audience by aligning your natural identity to the greater vision.
  • Discover what outdated “rules” must be discarded in the modern media age.
  • Speak up more in meetings and feel comfortable talking to senior management, shareholders, and the media.
  • Reduce or eliminate an accent that prevents you from feeling fully confident.
  • Stop holding back and leaving money and potential relationships on the table.


By working with a proven system that includes body language analysis, diction and breathing exercises to relax your nervous system, you will achieve a stress free, natural performance that smoothly reflects your natural identity.  Each curriculum is customized and may include:


  • Executive Communication Coaching and Presentation Skills
  • Diction and Dialect Coaching for Public Speakers
  • Accent Reduction Intensives
  • Media Preparation and Interview Coaching
  • Poise, Stage Presence, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
  • Interview Preparation for Job Seekers
  • Creative Leadership Strategies for 21st Century Business Leaders
  • Body Language Analysis and Professional Image Development
  • Full-Service Speech Preparation and Rehearsal
  • Charisma and Career Coaching for Actors, Artists & Executive Rockstars
  • Dialogue Coaching & Character Voice Lab for Actors, Broadcasters and Comedians
  • Vocal Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention for Professional Speakers and Performers
  • Creative Educational Consulting and Outreach
  • Musical and Artistic Direction for Theater, Film and Multimedia Events, Vocal and Music Coaching
  • Improv and Comedy for Events and Presentations


Your ability to express yourself is a primary key to success and happiness…

…don’t hold back!


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